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Do Oreo Cookies Cause Black Stool? Twist, Lick, Dunk!

Oreo cookies are well-loved snacks all over the world. It is a snack wherein it’s easy to eat a whole pack without minding it too much. You can just keep on eating it! But, do oreo cookies cause black stool? Is it a reason to panic? 

The first Oreo cookie was released in 1912 by the National Biscuit Company. Do you have two decorated chocolate biscuits and white cream filling? Then you have your basic parts for an Oreo sandwich. This sandwich appearance, combined with the “Twist Lick Dunk” slogan made the product adored by people all around the world.


Fun fact: Oreo cookies are Kosher since 1997. 

Imagine this scenario: You’re snacking on a full pack of your Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookies and then you took a bit of siesta. When you woke up, nature called and when you’re about to flush down your poop, you saw that it is black! 

Don’t panic! It’s not blood, those are from your snack because Oreo cookies cause black stool.

Is it a bad thing? 

Not necessarily. 

50 Shades of Poop

Well, the stool color doesn’t reach 50 shades, but it can be of different colors. The intensity of the color depends on the metabolism and the quantity of the food eaten. Usual colors are tan, brown, green, or yellow. Other less normal colors are red, black or white/light gray.

You’ll have to ask yourself what you ate for the last day or since your last pooping to know why you had dark-colored stools. The common reasons for such are:

  • Eating dark-colored food
  • Taking dietary supplements with iron
  • Taking iron supplements
  • Having medical causes

The idea behind the colored poop is that the pigments from what you ate passed through the digestive tract. And then when it went out, it affected the color of the stool. The usual colors are brown and yellow. These are products of digested fat by the bile. Although the bile is green in color, it changes in color as it travels downwards.

If you’ve noticed an emerald tint on your stool, worry not. If you will recall what you recently ate, it might have been green, leafy vegetables. This green color is chlorophyll, the green pigment found on the leaf of the plant. 

That, or you ate a lot of green jellies or Fruity Pebbles.

Unnatural Realm

Having pale, white or clay-like in color of stool means that there is a lack of bile in the digestion process. It can be caused by gallstones that blocked the ducts, or from Crohn’s disease that caused ulcers in the intestines. It may also be from an all-milk diet or from taking aluminum hydroxide or barium sulfate.

Another unusual stool color is red. Okay, so you might think that blood is the only culprit, right? Before getting worried over nothing, recall your previous diet. Did it involve beets, scarlet-colored drinks, red candies, cereals, Kool-Aid or tomato juice? If so, it’s probably it. The red coloring is transferred to the stool. 

Another question to ask is, did you take any medicine like Amoxicillin or Omnicef? These medicines are either red or turn red in the GI tract.

One of the harmful causes of red stool could be the bleeding of the lower gastrointestinal tract. Hemorrhoids, diverticular bleeding, inflammatory bowel disease, colon cancer or anal fissures are also possible reasons for the presence of blood. Hemorrhoids are more common and it’s not usually serious. 

The Dark Side – Oreo cookies cause black stool

Some food that is naturally dark like blueberries and grapes can result in having dark poop. Dark chocolate products are also culprits, like that one pack of Oreo’s that you’ve just eaten. The same goes for food with artificial colors like ice pops and candies may also result in having a dark-colored stool. But, if your stool is dark, watery and has an unusually putrid smell accompanied by pain during excretion, it’s time to visit your doctor. 

There’s no reason to panic when you see an oddly colored stool after defecating. Before getting worried about it, you have to recall whatever you ate or took starting from the day before or your last defecation. It is a different case if you have any pre-existing conditions. If your physician warned you about observing your stool color, then you should go visit your doctor. If not, don’t be afraid to snack on your Oreo cookies just because it causes black stool. 

Do you like Oreo cookies? Do you prefer it with milk, or without milk?

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