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5 Reasons Graham Crackers Can Cause Diarrhea

Graham crackers… they’re delicious and great for gingerbread houses, S’mores, or just eating all by themselves. But, can Graham crackers cause diarrhea? The truth is they can, although unlikely. The recipe for Graham crackers was first created in 1829 by Sylvester Graham, but was not anything like the sweet snacks that you find at the grocery stores […]

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4 Reasons Cheerios Can Cause Diarrhea

You asked and we’re here to answer: Can Cheerios cause diarrhea? The short answer is Yes, they can. Cheerios is a brand of the behemoth General Mills company. The cereal was first produced in 1941 and was originally called CheeriOats, but later changed to Cheerios after changing the cereal shape to that of an “o”. Generally speaking the […]

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Can Splenda Cause Diarrhea? – What You Should Know

You asked and we’re here to answer: Can Splenda cause diarrhea? The debate and controversy surrounding the safety of Splenda and its affects on health are ongoing, but it seems that the number of anti-Splenda advocates are growing with the current trend to a more natural diet. In this article we’ll be taking a look at how […]

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